For the couples who want to do things their way


Our first images of the (almost) ready venue - The Barn at Avington. Contact me today for a viewing.

How to make a flower wall...

I coordinated a beautiful wedding in June for Rosie and Nick, in Nick's family garden. Rosie wanted a flower wall as a backdrop for photos so here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to create your own...

Step 1: Attach well soaked oasis to bamboo plates with florist tape, then attach to your frame.


Step 2: Add foliage around the edge of the oasis, going in a circular movement. I used eucalyptus which worked well. 


Step 3: Add flowers in the middle, grouping colours together for a bigger impact. The roses worked really well.


Step 4: Repeat until all are covered.

Beth Allen