For the couples who want to do things their way.




I am a woman who loves the unusual, seeks the bespoke, invests in the local and lives in the moment.  

I am the wedding planner who loves style, originality and fun (and hates chair covers, uncomfortable dresses you can't dance in and a generic DJ.)

I am the wedding coordinator who will make sure everything runs to schedule, can be found at the top of the highest ladder and promises that everything will look, feel, smell, sound and taste exactly how you dreamt it would.

I am the late night crafter, surrounded by material, ribbon, unfinished personal projects and almost finished decorations for the bride who just couldn’t find the decorations she had in her mind.

I am for the couples who want to do things their way.

Event Manager at 'The Barn at Avington' and also available for freelance planning, coordinating and styling.